Prime Snap Loc TE Jars



The wide range of Tamper Evident Containers is not only cost effective but also meets security and ease of use requirements.

The range offers a large choice of jars with contents from 20ml to 1730ml.

Each jar can be personalised to your requirements.

The Tamper Evident Jar has a lid with Tamper Evident Band which keeps your product untouched until the tear off band has been removed.

When removed, the lid is easily snapped on for re-closure.

Vol mlØDia HtVol mlØDia Ht
2025 x 5028065 x 100
3535 x 5032565 x 115
5035 x 7035090 x 60
4045 x 3550090 x 85
6045 x 5065090 x 110
10045 x 80750110 x 90
10055 x 451000110 x 115
12555 x 601100110 x 130
15055 x 701250110 x 150
14065 x 501730110 x 185
20065 x 65
22565 x 80

Measurements in ml given for indication. Indicative content measured with water. Jars are produced in Polypropylene. Lids are produced in Low Density Polyetheylene.

Note: We advise all clients to carry our their own trials and stability tests on our containers, closures and accessories to ensure compatibility with their products or other accessories not supplied by PrimePac Ltd.