Prime EasyLock Jars



The EasyLock jar range combines technical expertise, safety and ergonomics.
The snap-on feature guarantees the filler maximum efficiency on production lines.
The unscrewing feature ensures maximum comfort for ease of use by the consumer.
Water tight and tamper-evident, EasyLock guarantees maximum protection of the filled product.

Designed for performance, EasyLock also enhances brand image.
From 30 to 1250 ml, EasyLock is the ideal container for new products.

Vol ml ØDia Ht
30 35 x 57
50 35 x 81
100 60 x 60
150 60 x 78
200 60 x 100
250 60 x 120
500 100 x 90
650 100 x 110
1000 100 x 160
1250 100 x 195


Measurements in ml given for indication. Indicative content measured with water. Jars are produced in Polypropylene. Lids are produced in Polyetheylene.

Note: We advise all clients to carry our their own trials and stability tests on our containers, closures and accessories to ensure compatibility with their products or other accessories not supplied by PrimePac Ltd.