PrimePac Ltd is delighted to announce that they have been acquired by Esterform Packaging

Esterform Packaging is the UK’s largest independent converter and manufacturer of preforms and stretch blow moulded plastic PET bottles and containers.

This is a strategic acquisition to enable Esterform to enhance its strong position by diversifying into extrusion blow moulding manufacturing. This opportunity will allow Esterform to offer its significant customer base access to PET, Polyethylene and Polypropylene packs.

According to Esterforms’ Managing director Mark Tyne “Esterform plans to invest in upgrading the current factory in Antrim Northern Ireland. We also intend introducing new blow moulding capabilities in the plant, to increase the range of products, to compliment our current markets and develop new markets in the UK and Europe”.

It is very positive news for both companies and demonstrates Esterform’s intent on offering customers more choice in increasingly difficult market conditions.